Stressed? Have some Desserts… because “Stressed” spelled backwards is… “Desserts” How’s that?!


Protecting your self by sharp thorns Don’t want to be hurt so you hurt someone first Not strong as others might think Hiding your weakness under the thorns . but you know, I think – you’re beautiful just as you are

One afternoon – baby duck’s case

Having a nap in one cozy afternoon Hmm…Strech! and the other side! Feel so good. Okay, I think I’m showing off my wings, you see them? May be it’s time to swim? Nahhh, I’d pass ….as it’s a perfect afternoon for taking a nap. Oh, hi, you wanted to take a photo of me? Sure! I know, I’m cute, aren’t I? <Smile> . He posed for me… Thought he is too cut to not to share.