…start seeing some flowers are blooming. +++ Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :) ©Mariko Evans

Dear Spring,

So much rain fell in Metro Vancouver lately – it broke a record set in 1956…it seems like Spring has decided to tease Vancouverites a bit this year…? Dear Spring, I know you’re just around the corner, take one more step closer to us, we are so ready to have you here! :) +++ ©Mariko Evans

…before the city wakes up

Here, too, a brand-new day is beginning. It could be a day like all the others, or it could be a day remarkable enough in many ways to remain in the memory. In either case, for now, for most people, it is a blank sheet of paper. – Haruki Murakami +++ ©Mariko Evans

Reflect upon…

“Reflect upon your present blessings – of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” – Charles Dickens +++ ©Mariko Evans

We all are waiting for…Spring!

We all are waiting for…Spring! (…yet the water/air looks so cold in the photo…brrr!) +++ So today is the last day of school before spring break in Vancouver. Hmm…but where’s spring? It seems like we will have to wait little more, yet I start seeing the light gets brighter, the days start getting longer day by day. Slowly, but surely. Have a great weekend everyone. :) +++ ©Mariko Evans

Through my window.

“You have the nicest window, you know? None of the others can even compete. It´s not flashy like the others, or bleary – your window gives of this nice, quiet light.” – Banana Yoshimoto +++ Yes, I like my windows. :) ©Mariko Evans

Where are you, Spring?

So I just found this film image – shot it in my neighborhood on March 4th, last year. Hmm…I have difficulty to think that I’d be able to see this again in 3 days – especially after seeing some snow falling yesterday! :( Where are you, Spring? +++ ©Mariko Evans