“This is what it means to be loved… when someone wants to touch you, to be tender…” ― Banana Yoshimoto +++ ©Mariko Evans

The safest place.

“Mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and sweet sleep blesses the child who lies within.” – Victor Hugo +++ ©Mariko Evans

Her boy.

I’d travel many roads before but somehow they were wrong And sometime we find that life is just a simple song Even the saddest songs ever human face I will always keep my son in love’s magic place -My boy, Lisa Ono +++ ©Mariko Evans

No one but…

…me and someone’s footprints. +++ Seen@Kitsilano beach – These trees are my favorite. :) Happy weekend everyone. (And enjoy your family day, if you’re in BC) ©Mariko Evans

Just passing by…

“Time flames like a paraffin stove and what burns are the minutes I live.” – Irving Layton +++ Seen in Old Havana, 2016. ©Mariko Evans

A mundane morning

“A thrilling story can be dull if told badly, but even the most mundane event can be elevated into a tale of epic scale by a good storyteller.”  – Johnny Rich +++ ©Mariko Evans

A boy, feeding the birds.

Seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011. Film. +++ While I was re-organizing my backup file system (well, more like my partner did!), stumbled upon so many photos that I ‘ve never seen /forgotten…this image is one of them. Glad to reconnect with old files, I might share some more of them this week as I’m in the mood for nostalgia.  :) ©Mariko Evans