Peace, Light, Love.

For children. For all. For earth. Do not fight. Do not hate. LOVE. +++ My thoughts on 911 – after seeing devastations made by human, and nature.   ©Mariko Evans      

Catch me if you can!

Seen in Harlem in 2013. +++ Last night, I was talking with someone who just came back from New York. Her eyes were shining when telling me about her trip, seems like she had so much fun and inspired by the city – well, no wonder, right? And it triggered me to dig my old files I shot in New York. So here it is, “Catch me if you can”, seen in Harlem. : ) Hmm I feel like flight there soon…! (Yet it would not be easy these days due to our old cats – both 17 yeas old…) Have …

Counting moments.

“Forever is composed of nows.” ― Emily Dickinson +++ She was playing with sand as if she counts moments – like a sand clock. seen @ English Bay, shot by an expired film. +++ ©Mariko Evans

The first beach day of the year…? !

May 4th -it was the first day that I’ve witnessed someone was sunbathing on the beach, so I call it the first beach day of the year. (according to my own personal record, of course :)) Hope we’ll have more of these sunny days… +++ Seen @ Jericho beach ©Mariko Evans


…start seeing some flowers are blooming. +++ Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :) ©Mariko Evans

Dear Spring,

So much rain fell in Metro Vancouver lately – it broke a record set in 1956…it seems like Spring has decided to tease Vancouverites a bit this year…? Dear Spring, I know you’re just around the corner, take one more step closer to us, we are so ready to have you here! :) +++ ©Mariko Evans