Catch me if you can!

Seen in Harlem in 2013. +++ Last night, I was talking with someone who just came back from New York. Her eyes were shining when telling me about her trip, seems like she had so much fun and inspired by the city – well, no wonder, right? And it triggered me to dig my old files I shot in New York. So here it is, “Catch me if you can”, seen in Harlem. : ) Hmm I feel like flight there soon…! (Yet it would not be easy these days due to our old cats – both 17 yeas old…) Have …


I almost deleted this image from my thousand of Cuba photographs, because the girl’s face was a bit out of focus :(. Later, while re-visiting these old files, I found that I really like the face expression of the old lady on the right. Here’s a close-up. I love the way she warmly and humbly watches over the girl. I’m not sure if she is a nanny, grandma or just even a neighbor, it does not matter – because I see the love, it’s so natural, organic and true. And also because in Havana, people share the open space in buildings, …

No one but…

…me and someone’s footprints. +++ Seen@Kitsilano beach – These trees are my favorite. :) Happy weekend everyone. (And enjoy your family day, if you’re in BC) ©Mariko Evans

Just passing by…

“Time flames like a paraffin stove and what burns are the minutes I live.” – Irving Layton +++ Seen in Old Havana, 2016. ©Mariko Evans

A boy, feeding the birds.

Seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011. Film. +++ While I was re-organizing my backup file system (well, more like my partner did!), stumbled upon so many photos that I ‘ve never seen /forgotten…this image is one of them. Glad to reconnect with old files, I might share some more of them this week as I’m in the mood for nostalgia.  :) ©Mariko Evans

Good morning.

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘Good morning’ at total strangers.” – Maya Angelou +++ Seen in Havana, Cuba. ©Mariko Evans

You had a bad day?

Sometimes the system goes on the blink And the whole thing it turns out wrong You might not make it back and you know That you could be well oh that strong And I’m not wrong -Daniel Powter +++ ©Mariko Evans