I love hands. I love seeing people – hand in hand. But realize some people may have problems with it.
I thought I would share this story. It was at the very beginning of my shooting experience; I had a shoot
with a mother and her son, 5 years old. He was bit shy at first but we played with Polaroid camera and
took nearly 2.5 hours for shooting…and we became a friend.
After sharing the photos I took with the mother, I was told…
“His hands….he hold my shoulders, neck, and my hands…I’ve been aware that he had difficulty to do it
before…he’s such a sensitive boy, you know…”
I was not quite sure what really she meant. However, here is little bit of background of her story.
She is divorced – yet recently happily remarried with a wonderful guy with whom I also did an
engagement shoot – and the son is from her first marriage. Perhaps, her son misses his father? ….he may
have an issue to accept his new environment? I only can imagine…I don’t define…but she finds little
change with her boy after the shooting.
I also had a similar experience with another client. An 8 years boy, who has diagnosed as Autism, and he
does not have much time to spend with her mother as she is a busy business owner… she also told her
story and it touched me. I wouldn’t go for detail but the boy who has bit of problem holding hands…he
ended up…taking mother’s hand and even my hands in his hand in the end of the photo-shooting
The mother kindly shared with me her poetry she made right after the shooting session.
“You are my pride”
You are my pride giving a hand always higher than one received,
without expectation or conditions
You give me strength to do anything
You give me encouragement to go forward without fear
You give me a power that is even stronger than any power of love
You give me the energy to fight with everything expect fighting with myself
Be loved and loving
You gave me a life that comes alive.
I will receive it forever and I will give it back to you when you have nobody
and when you need it. I won’t let you down I won’t leave you alone…
You are my pride
It got me thinking.
Touch. Affection. Connection. Hands are the primary tool for all those actions which we all needed.
Family shooting is fun. A lot of fun, actually. It’s a reflection of your story through my eyes and you’re the
lead character I follow. You may find something new. I tend to take a longer time for family-photo
shooting….because I want to know you. I want to see you, the real you. No posing, no pretentious, just
being spontaneous, being you.
I’m thankful that my clients shared their story through the family photo shooting. Everyone has a story. I
want to give my hands to find your story through my lens, my eyes.