Me & Finding beauty in the ordinary

BOHEMIAN -noun [ C ] UK /bəʊˈhiː.mi.ən/ /bəˈhiː.mi.ən/ US /boʊˈhiː.mi.ən/
A person who is interested in art, music, and/or literature, and lives in a very informal way, ignoring the usually accepted ways of behaving – Cambridge Dictionary

ME – Vancouver based Photographer/ Photographic artist. Well, I call myself  “self-proclaimed photo-shooting addict”. :)

Born and raised in Japan. After living/traveling many places – including my inner world – I am now settling down in Vancouver, Canada with my partner and two old cats.

A dreamer, who has a relationship with Sky, Sea and Clouds, who often forget the world. A novice yet enthusiastic Tango learner. When I’m not shooting…most likely, I’m dancing.

I don’t dislike rainy days. Absolute feeling driven…Perfectly imperfect.

For my photographic services – I believe in raw beauty. I don’t use cheesy corny photo-props. I don’t expect you to pose/smile like fashion models but yourself. I strive to find the beautiful lights & shadows and go after the connection between you and I. I only ask you to be YOU.

So. You tell me your story – I’ll show you how I see.  >>INVESTMENT

Finding beauty in the ordinary – I’ve started a photo blog called “Bohemian’s eye” long before I start offering the portraiture services. So I keep this page to share everyday life images …of people, moments and the gifts from Nature through my eyes. Majority of photos here are not related to my portraiture services.

N.B. I love people's candid shots and always talk with people after I shot them. However, sometimes the situation doesn't allow me to do so. If you are featured in any of images, please feel free to contact me - I'd be happy to share the printable image with you. Or, if you'd like me to remove it, I’ll do so accordingly.

My Portfolio: – As a photographic artist, I share my artworks gallerey and Photo-blog “My world on mute”

P.S. I speak Japanese, English, Tango and Photography.




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