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BOHEMIAN - ”BOHEMIAN” may also denote “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” – Wikipedia

ME - Born and raised in Japan and currently reside in Vancouver, Canada. Love Sky, Beaches, Ocean, Moon… all of mother nature, people,  animal, eating , traveling and I am a full time self proclaimed photo-shooting addict.(If it does make any sense!)

Presently, I am shooting every object and every form of life around me to fire up my enthusiasm, however my most favorite subject is people.  It gives me the greatest pleasure when I capture people in their most intimate and dynamic moment. I love the shooting in natural lights.

SITE - Majority of photos here are not related to commission works. (Please visit my OFFICIAL PORTFOLIO SITE or GALLERY if interested.) I share everyday life images…people & moments I see through my eyes. I normally shoot couples of candid shots first, then show it & talk to people to ask, if ;

a) I can keep the images
b) I can post them for my site

Some people like that approach, thus it led us to the full family photo shooting session. And some might not – but I respect that. My intention to run this photo-showcase (photoblog) is to show / share, how wonderful this life is, when the light is right, and how beautiful you are, when you are just BE you.

My professional SERVICE are available by booking my time through CONTACTS . Please also check INVESTMENT & TESTIMONIALS.

Thank you,

Mariko Evans

P.S. I speak Japanese, English, Body language and Photography.

My world on mute
 - just as a title, expressing my world on mute…many abstracts and fine art photography also trying to enhance mental health issue awareness.
Bohemian’s eye Street & Shadows - darker, evocative images, mainly b/w…I walk into streets & shadows to seek the lights.

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