Thoughts on post-Mother’s day – take the photo with your children and print it!

So how’s your Mother’s day? Hope it was a lovely one.

I’ve noticed that many people were posting old images of their childhood with their moms, family and loved ones on their social media to celebrate Mother’s day. I’m sure those photos were originally printed and digitally scanned for sharing.

It made me so happy that they do have those photographs which last forever with sweet memories and also it reminds me of the importance of taking photographs of not only children but also with parent / loved ones. Sometimes some parent ask me to take photos of their children without them – and they say, “We look too tired, too busy to pick up my wardrobe properly, I’m bit shy for photo, blah-blah-blah….”

I believe that portrait is not only for you to remember how adorable your children are, but also for children to remember their childhood (because they barely remember it, even if they do, it’s just a dim recollection of their scattered memories) and to remind them how much they’re loved.

Here’s an example – I found this: Little me and my mom.IMG_3349-Edit _900

It’s a printed photograph, and the following message was found on its back, hand-writtened by my mother.

“Mariko, licking whipped cream for Kazue’s (my elder sis) 4th birthday cake. ”

I do not remember anything about that day. How would I? I’m so little to remember this, right? But because the photo was taken, and printed, and thanks to my mom, who wrote a little note on its back – I can re-print this unforgotten memory as my part of “real” childhood memory.

This photo tells me:
It’s obvious that how piggy I was/am. My mom smiling at me (not scolding me for making mess, yes she’s always been very patient…) and I can tell that there was my father taking this photo, and also there were my two elder sisters next to us, and Kazue was very happy to have her 4th birthday celebrating with our whole family. (Sorry my little sis, you haven’t born yet on that day!)

And after 40⁺ years…I still have the photo and cherish it among my unforgettable memories.

Sorry for my rambling, (yeah English is not my mother tongue, forgive me if you had to puzzle what I’m saying here. :)) but I’d like to make two notes to conclude this post:

Taking photo with children – it is for children to remember their childhood and remind them how you love them.

Printing photos – it is about re-printing your “almost forgotten memory” in your heart again. I carry the photo I shared above for a long time. It’s easy to carry unlike my HUGE hard drives where I save my works. (And you know what? Digital files always face with the risk of break down, it’s TRUE!) Also I keep it in my mini-album – it’s easy to find where it is, again, unlike my GIGANTIC numbers of digital photograph files that shamefully, I even do not have time to look at.

I’m sure if you’re a parent – you’ve shot lots of photos of your children. But have you taken the photo of your whole family? – if you haven’t done so, I am here to capture your very moments that last forever.

I’m in a process of introducing new photo session package, and hope to share it after our digital cleanse (I meant our holiday – I’ll be away from May 15 for 2 weeks or so, and we’d be completely out of internet access.)

Okay, thanks for reading this – and have a lovely day.


P.S. I liked the printed words on the album – “Photo is words. The word will became a story before long. KEEP THE PHOTO”